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Proyecto "Minus 3%"
Proyecto "Minus 3%"

[ IEE-07-526 / SI2.499392 ]
Europa Innovación y Desarrollo Ayuntamiento de TERUEL

Shining Examples for the implementation
        of the Energy End-use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive        
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El Proyecto

     “Minus 3%” is a project funded by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy for Europe, whose main objectives include:

  • To promote the application of 32/2006/CE Directive on "Energy End-use efficiency and Energy Services", in European Union countries.

  • To reduce by 30% the energy consumption in European cities participating by 2020, and those adhering cities to the objectives of the project.

  • To promote market development of Energy Service Companies (ESCO / ESE) in Europe.

  • To favor the transfer and reproducibility of the efficiency model shown in the 6 cities participating in the project, to other European cities.

     The project involves, in addition to the city of Teruel in Spain, the cities of Dublin (Ireland), Derry (Northern Ireland), Graz (Austria), Malacky (Slovakia) and Maribor (Slovenia); together with its related energy agencies and technology partners.

     In the project framework, each participating city has developed its own "Energy Efficiency Action Plan" (EEAP) to achieve the savings targets set in 2020.

     For that other European cities can develop their own EEAP following the approach defined in "Minus 3%"; has developed a "Method in which "step by step is details the procedure.

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